PowerGuide API

The PowerGuide API is a RESTful service that can be invoked from any HTTP client, and allows you to query PowerGuide Data.

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Getting Started

The PowerGuide API uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate and serve requests. On registration, you will be able to use provided credentials to obtain OAuth token, and access API resources. Registration is currently reserved for partners.

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How to Use the API

You can simply invoke the PowerGuide API by constructing a request as below:


The PowerGuide API returns data in both JSON or XML formats, you may use the "Accept" request header to specifiy return format

In the case of OAuth authentication, you must also provide the OAuth token you obtained in the request header, using "Bearer" scheme, as shown below:

Authorization: Bearer {OAUTH_TOKEN}
Note: The currently supported version of the API is: v1.0
Note: The PowerGuide API supports ISO 8601 standard for date and time format.

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API Client Example

An example client Python script is available here.

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